This Is Why Heartbreak Was The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me

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They say it all of the time…life has a funny way of working out. To be honest, I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in that phrase until I experienced heartbreak, over and over again.

Why? Why did it take something as painful and upsetting as heartbreak for me to understand and believe that life will somehow, someway, work out the way it’s supposed to? LOL. Well, if I knew why, I wouldn’t ask that question.

Moral of the story: no matter what is happening in your life; the chaos, the fear, the unknown, the uncertainty, life will always find a way to work itself out. Life will find a way to inspire you and lead you when you least expect it.

Before heartbreak, I was content. I was content with knowing what came next and what my next move was going to be. I was content with having a game plan for almost everything. I was content with the people in my world. I was content with living a stable and steady life. I was content with being comfortable.

So, what changed?

Going through heartbreak, I realized how much I relied on other people; if I didn’t feel comfortable or if something didn’t feel right, I had certain people to rely on, certain people to turn to, to help make things better.

Going through heartbreak, I realized how little time I spent putting myself, my happiness, and my curiosities as a top priority. My focus was always geared towards helping someone else or making someone else’s day better, except for my own.

I focused so little on myself, my dreams, my wants, my everything…I spent so much of my time focused on everything outside of myself and my own life.  

Going through heartbreak, I realized how little I knew myself. Someone asked me one day, “Outside of work what are you passionate about?” What “sets your soul on fire,” if you will. I literally had to sit there and think about it for a minute because for as long as I could remember, I always put someone or something else above myself. Someone or something outside of me and my passions was always #1.

So, what changed? 

Going through heartbreak, I learned how to rely on myself for everything; to become my #1 biggest fan and best friend. To turn to my heart, my courage, and my faith when times got tough first, before turning to someone else.

Going through heartbreak, I learned to create a life that was shaped for me above all else. I learned that I actually hate being comfortable. You know that phrase “I travel because I become uncomfortable being too comfortable”? Well, what I have learned is that is the definition of who I have become.

Going through heartbreak, I learned that who I really am is someone who yearns for adventure, passion, excitement, and wonder. Chasing after daring and extraordinary places; meeting exceptional friends and strangers from varying ways and walks of life, and creating monumental experiences to be cherished along the way.

Going through heartbreak, I learned that I would rather live a life so different from anyone else in order to do every single thing that has ever terrified me; every single thing that has ever challenged me; and above all things, every single thing that has ever inspired me. Doing anything and everything in this world, in every and any place, with every and anyone, because there are far too many extraordinary people, places, and things in this world; far too many stories to be shared with people I have yet to meet, with places I have yet to see, with memories I have yet to make.

So, here’s to heartbreak. Here’s to making memories. And here’s to living your best, most fulfilling life. TC mark

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