20 Little Tips On How Exactly To Make The Most Out Of Being A 20-Something

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Success. One word; seven letters that hold so much power and meaning.

Everyone knows of the two statements “You are your own biggest critic” and “You are your own worst enemy”. Why? Because they are two of the most honest statements known to man.

The reality is; we worry. We compete. We doubt. We fear. We deny. And all for what?

Success. One word; seven letters that hold so much power and meaning.

Do I worry? Yes. Do I compete? Absolutely. Do I doubt? Duh. Do I fear and deny? Yup.

But, in my life’s playbook, success isn’t defined by money. It isn’t defined by who’s thinner or has flawless skin. It isn’t defined by who gets married and has babies first. It isn’t defined by who follows society’s norm best.

In my life’s playbook, success is defined by personal accomplishments, pushing limits, taking chances, and overcoming challenges—living life differently from anyone else.

What most 20-somethings don’t realize is that while you may not have full and complete control over the card you’ve been handed, you do have full and complete control over how you view and react to it; the good, the bad, the challenging, and the unexpected.

While I’m riding this 20-something wave right there alongside you, here are some words of wisdom for how to make the most out of yours:

1. Take chances. Move to a city you’ve never been. Date people who are both similar and different. Quit your job you don’t like for a job you love. Ask for a raise. Write a book. Submit your artwork. Be open-minded.

2. Be independent. You don’t always need to have someone by your side — enjoy figuring out who you are as your own person. Treat yourself to dinner and a movie, solo. Spend time reading in a coffee shop, alone. Explore your own city without a companion for the afternoon.

3. Challenge yourself. Push your limits. Test yourself. Say yes to things that scare you most — don’t always take the easy way out. Experience first-hand what you’re truly capable of.

4. Learn and grow from failure — don’t stop halfway because life is too difficult. Failure won’t kill you, but giving up will.

5. Stop blaming others for not having your own shit together; start taking accountability for your own actions. Acknowledge. Try. Work harder. Do more than just the bare minimum.

6. Plan for your future, financially. Get a credit card and start building/maintaining your credit score. Put a percentage of your paycheck into a savings account. Invest in your company’s 401k.

7. Set professional and personal goals. Not a new years resolution that you’ll forget about in a couple of weeks. Buy a calendar or notebook, and write down SMART goals for yourself over the next week; month; quarter.

8. Put effort into being a great friend. Romance and relationships will align when the timing is right, but true friendships are not worth sacrificing over a summer fling.

9. Don’t lose yourself in someone else; stay true to who you are because that’s when you’ll find those who admire and love you, for you.

10. Apologize, accept, and move on. If you made a mistake, acknowledge it. Life happens, but most importantly, life goes on — accept it and move on. Stop wasting valuable time dwelling on what coulda, shoulda, woulda.

11. Stop apologizing for who you are. Stop apologizing for having a fragile heart. Stop apologizing for your imperfections. Stop apologizing for your limitations. Stop apologizing for feeling real emotions.

12. Forgive. Forgive yourself; forgive others. We’re all human; we all make mistakes. We learn and grow from each and every one, and we become stronger because of it.

13. Fight for what you believe in. We live in the 21st century — you have a voice; one that should and can be heard. Believe in that, and believe in yourself. Speak up and allow your voice to be heard. 

14. Travel. Explore. Adventure. Meet new people from varying ways and walks of life. Appreciate the differences and beauty in the world.

15. Fall in love. Fall in love with someone; with family; with friends; with this world; with yourself.

16. Find new hobbies; explore new passions. Keep life interesting in order to keep yourself on your toes.

17. Smile. Smile at the person staring back at you in the mirror. Smile at your friends. Smile at your family. Smile at a stranger.

18. Be present. Life passes by at a rapid pace — stop worrying about what comes next, and learn to simply live in each and every moment.

19. Have faith. You don’t have to be the most religious person in the world, but having a little bit of faith will help you get through some pretty monumental ups and downs.

20. Most importantly, live compassionately and love passionately. Live fearlessly, unashamedly, beautifully, extraordinarily. TC mark

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