Life Is So Much More Than You Could Have Ever Thought

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Chad Madden

Life is so much more than settling down. It’s so much more than searching for love in another human being. It’s so much more than following society’s norm — than following the crowd through every step, forward or backward, throughout your twenties and beyond.

Life is so much more.

Life is about time. Time to figure out who you are as your own person. Time to navigate through your passions, your curiosities, your ambitions. Time to be scared. Time to push your limits. Time to be alone; to see the world; to find your happiness. Sometimes, all you need is time to simply be. Something that’s never enough, yet all too sudden. Time is to be learned, accepted, desired, and cherished. Time with yourself, with friends, with family, with places, with strangers, with this world.

Life is about experience. Experiencing different people. Experiencing different cultures; different ways and walks of life. Life is about opening your eyes; embracing this world as one. It’s about welcoming change, the unexpected, and unfamiliar. Life is about adventure and exploring — following your intuition and diving head first into wonder, curiosity, and passion. It’s about making mistakes and learning to not be ashamed. Learning to say, “So what?”, learning to say “Yes”.

Life is about possibility. Life is about paving your own path; drafting your own playbook; creating your own set of rules. It’s about branching out from the norm and following your dreams and fears — tackling and pursuing every unanticipated setback; leaving your mark on this world and your surroundings, because you can.

Life is about spontaneity. What’s the fun in living a comfortable, ordinary, mundane life? The most beautiful right we have as individuals is independence; is having a choice. The ability to create something out of nothing; the ability to take imagination and transform abstract into something tangible. The ability to buy a plane ticket to Neverland and just go without having an agenda. Going someplace, somewhere to find a new perspective; to find a greater purpose.

Life is about taking chances. There are two types of people in this world — the ones who fear love and the ones who aren’t ready to share it completely, just yet.

If you’re afraid of love, branch out of comfort and fear, and take a chance on opening yourself and your heart to the world. If you’re sick of dating, then stop and just live; just be.

There seems to be something wrong with just wanting to live your best life, alone; single; solo. Well, there isn’t. Start taking chances — start pushing back on what society says you can’t or shouldn’t do. Start bringing your own passions, your own talents to the forefront instead of hiding them in the shadows. Start making this world your world; make this world something that challenges you — something that keeps you striving for greatness and inspiration.

Life is about being alone. And not the “alone” that society has placed an apathetic stigma on. People have either grown to fear the concept of being alone or just simply don’t know how to be alone. Being alone, being single, is not something one should fear, but something to be embraced. It forces you to be your own backbone; to be your own superhero. It teaches you how to communicate with the world; to understand it in a different light. It teaches you self-compassion and compassion for those around you.

Life is about the fight. In a world comprised of terror, darkness, and evil, there is always an option to fight; to rise above. In the face of all obstacles, you learn — you have the option to fight your own fight; to fight the right fight. To stand for your individual beliefs and values; to stand for your aspirations; to stand for your to-be-continued journey. The ability to walk on water, brave the storm, stare into the eyes of your biggest fears; stare into the eyes of darkness — and win.

Life is about purpose; it’s about forgiveness. Life is about believing; it’s about dreaming big, and aiming higher. Life is about finding your forever.

You have one heart; you have one life. One that beats for you. Whatever it is in this world that makes your heart beat faster and smile harder, do it. Whatever it is that makes you want to fly higher, do it. Whatever it is that makes you feel like you are your own superhero — do it. Find it. And hold onto it forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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