The 20 Guys You Will Hook Up With In Your 20s

Basheer Tome
Basheer Tome

1. The boy who you swear has never kissed a girl because he is so terrible at it.

2. The smooth guy who can make you do almost anything because he’s so good at it.

3. The backpacking foreigner who 50% of your friends are in agreement about his attractiveness and the other 50% think he looks gross and dirty.

4. The guy you have been obsessed with but afterwards completely blows you off.

5. The nice guy who you would have never thought would be down for just a hookup but you are pleasantly surprised.

6. The stoner who is mentally unstable and beautifully tragic.

7. The nice guy who you just wanted a hookup with but then won’t leave you alone.

8. The random guy at the club that grabs you out of nowhere and forcefully makes out with you.

9. The painfully attractive alpha male that hooks up with you to get over his perfect ex girlfriend.

10. The guy that wants no and hardly any foreplay or kissing and wants to get right into it.

11. The guy you meet while out and the next day realize could have actually been a good potential boyfriend. Too bad it was just a hookup, hence no numbers being exchanged.

12. The creepy bartender of whom you sacrifice yourself to in order to secure free drinks for you and your friends.

13. The drunk guy who goes on and on about how beautiful you are and how much he loves you.

14. The drunk guy who slobbers all over your face.

15. The very cute guy at a club who is an embarrassingly bad dancer so you keep to making out with him in the corner.

16. The decent guy at the bar that you only make out with because the rest of your friends are hooking up and you would rather make out with him instead of have to talk to him the rest of the night.

17. Your best guy friend who you drunkenly hook up with because sober you has always wondered what it would be like.

18. The guy who you used to have the biggest crush on years ago because you “just had to do it for the old me.”

19. The easy option while out to show a crush, ex boyfriend, etc. “what he’s missing.”

20. The friend with benefits who you continually deny having any feelings for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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