The Beauty Of Being Open-Minded

Jesse Parkinson
Jesse Parkinson

One night I was having a long conversation with someone I newly met, and it was mid-sentence that I realized the conversation’s seamlessness and depth. The subject of conversation jumped from life to passion to career to love, and everything in between. It was one of those moments with someone that I didn’t want to end, because it was engrossing and energizing and not at all boring.

It was something I had to appreciate, because I figured it’s not everyday you meet someone with such an open mind.

There is so much beauty in open-mindedness. In a world characterized by a plethora of differing beliefs and thoughts and stances, it’s very refreshing to know that accepting minds exist. That there are those who just understand, uncritical of what you say, whether it be with American politics, or big cities, or what you look for in someone, or the probability of the future — just life.

To an open mind, nothing is ever right or wrong. There is always a middle ground, something to agree on. For once, you aren’t fearful of what they might think about you because of what you said about this, or your opinion on that. You know you’re allowed to talk about your desires and your passions excitingly with bright eyes, because you aren’t being judged.

Conversations and exchanges become endless, because an open mind has countless to talk about and to say that it almost gets overwhelming, but in a good way. What you thought was a 15 minute talk actually lasted for an hour.

And no, they aren’t the conversations that you try to force, just like the ones you start at those parties only because you don’t want to look like you’re alone and anti-social. They are seamless. They jump from one subject to another. And they become more meaningful as they get longer.

Suddenly you are welcomed by new ideas and thoughts you’ve never had before. The world isn’t be looked at so restrictedly, you begin to see. You wish you had those kinds of conversations all the time, because you know that while they’re so liberating and eye-opening, they’re also rare.

It is there, in those moments, that you see the beauty of having and conversing with an open mind. You realize that life becomes more beautiful and interesting when you see it in that mindset.

Because there’s no black and white to your perspective, only a gray area that speaks compromise and understanding of the abundance around you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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