A Game We Wish Was Real: Walking Dead 8-Bit

As 8-bit versions of popular TV series go, this is pretty special. Cinefix have rendered The Walking Dead into a shooter/RPG that we wish we could actually play. No, Dying Light it isn’t, but damn it looks fun. Its decidedly less plot-heavy than the actual series. One commenter is actually thankful: “You cut the character drivel down, the pacing is quicker, there’s more action… This is already better than the show.” Well, not sure we’d go that far, but yes, there’s a whole lot of shooting and not much talking.

There’s even a bonus round where Daryl and co. pull a zombie out of a well.

Watch the full video below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj0uJwZrAdA%5D Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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