You’re A Ghost In My Mind


Your whisper is like a ghost in my mind
The subtle inflection haunting my brain
Calling to me in the night
Each and every word dragging me back
To the place I’m trying to escape

You’re like a drug
A temporary high
Followed by a biting withdrawal
That leaves me longing for more

I am trying to get away
Trying to flee
While I still have the resolve
But that is wearing thin

With every night spent alone
The voices are slowly returning
Urging me to reach out
Begging me to crawl back
Assuring me it will be different this time

But it’s a lie
A false promise
A desperate attempt to reconcile
Grasping at a fantasy

I know that in my heart
In the depths of my soul
No matter how I want to believe otherwise
I know the outcome

We are in a vicious cycle
Where we hurt and destroy each other
Each so painfully trying to be what the other needs
While failing miserably to do so

But the hope is there
That one day we can be what the other needs
And bring fulfillment to a well lived life

Be the missing puzzle piece
Maybe that day will come
Maybe our worlds will change
And we can be the thing we both need

But for now
You are a whisper in the dark
A ghost in my mind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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