I Still Taste You On My Lips

Patrick B.

I sit here with the taste of you

Still on my lips

The smell of you

Still fresh in my nostrils

The feel of you

Still fresh on my skin

I still see your chocolate eyes

Staring into the depths of my soul

Entrapping my being

Captivated by all that was you

I still feel the electricity

Between us

Like fire in our veins

Two souls

Moving to the rhythm of their own passion

For a moment the world stopped

And it was just us

Entangled in each other

In a moment of pure bliss

That we thought would last forever

But forever didn’t come

What came were harsh words

And harsher actions

Things done in the feeling of betrayal

That only brought light to our own insecurities

About the assurance we found in each other

So we parted ways

With questions that have no answers

And no closure to be found

What do I do now

While you leave with this piece of me

That I haven’t before shared

How do I move forward

While I still feel this hole in who I am

Do I put on mask

Or wear this pain like a robe

Do I smile and pretend I am fine

Or allow myself the brokenness I feel

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