Time Is Only Temporary

Brooke Cagle

It can be wonderful
It can be terrible
It can be filled with highs
And filled with lows
It can’t be controlled
Or coerced
Or manipulated
It will play out as it sees fit
With no regard to our wishes
Or ambitions

Death. Love. Time.
These are its players
Each with a role
Ever shaping and changing us
Moving us toward something
Affecting the journey
Turning us into new people
Death reminding us how fragile it is
Love reminding us how beautiful it can be
Time reminding us to not take it for granted

This is what makes it precious
Each one affecting another
They make up a mosaic
Many pieces coming together
To form a work of art
For people to gaze upon
With awe and wonder
Creating in them aspirations
For a mosaic of their own. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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