30 Lessons I Will Take Into My 30s

Kristopher Allison

1. I don’t need anyone in my life who is not willing to put in effort to be there. If I am the one doing all the work, I won’t for long.

2. Faith is a beautiful thing, but it is also a personal thing. Never let anyone tell you what your faith should look like.

3. That night full of junk food is not going to kill me.

4. Life is too short for me to be stressed out by what I do for a living. I am more than willing to make sacrifices for my own peace of mind.

5. The world is too big for me to never travel more than fifty miles from my hometown.

6. I am foolish if I believe I can only find God in church or around Christian people and things. The creator of all things can be found in all things.

7. Things don’t make for a good life. Experiences with people I love and that love me make for a good life.

8. It is ok to be alone sometimes.

9. It may hurt, it may suck, it may feel like my world is going to end, but it is better to face a problem head on than dance around it.

10. Different doesn’t mean bad. Some of the greatest experiences and memories I have are with people and in situations I would’ve never imagined myself in.

11. Sometimes I need Frank Sinatra, sometimes I need T.I. and that is ok.

12. Be able to step back and honestly acknowledge red flags.

13. There will always be more money. Spend it wisely, but spend it nonetheless.

14. People will respond to love and acceptance faster than anything else.

15. It is less about living a life with no regrets and more about loving myself in spite of my flaws.

16. The right thing at the wrong time is not the right thing.

17. Any decision made out of extreme emotion will be contingent on that emotion; once it goes, so will your resolve.

18. It is ok to not be ok.

19. I will never live anywhere without a washer and dryer hook up again.

20. In all things, balance.

21. Never be ashamed of the things you enjoy.

22. You will never be the only one feeling the way you do.

23. Admitting you are wrong does not lessen you as a person.

24. Understanding social cues is important.

25. Diversity is the key to a well lived life.

26. It is just as important to acknowledge your strengths as being able to identify your weaknesses.

27. Random Acts of Kindness are never a waste of time or resources.

28. Sleep can sometimes be sacrificed in the interest of a good story.

29. Don’t be afraid to create.

30. Ultimately you are the only one responsible for your actions; make sure you can lie your head down at night peacefully. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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