5 Truths Of Being An Only Child

Hey Arnold!
Hey Arnold!

So you think its fun. Well it is as long you keep a regular schedule of sleepovers with your friends at your house. As long as your work timetable is tight, as long as you don’t get to stay in for above 48 hours (alone), as long as you have a sincere caring dog, and as long as the fridge is all set for the apocalypse, then what the hell, maybe it really is.  So here are the perks and not so good perks of being an only child:


Well since sulking in the house on a regular afternoon is not an option, you always end up into someone else’s living room, porch, or garage. Or after school, it’s always the real deal. Someone will always be grabbing your arms for a drink, for a walk, for a smoke, or for whatever the hell it is college kids should not be doing. In that case, you accumulate dozens or hundreds of people in your life, which most of are temporary. Almost all of them go away with the passage of time, only about a handful stays for good.  And during those times, you will realize one of the hitches of being an only child; the struggle to find companion. And even though you know nobody stays forever, it’s still sad that the people you got yourself attached to always seem to disappear in time.


Since you have all this time and energy, and nobody to share it with, you tend to look for the answers in the comforts of your own home. You spot a pen, and oh good lord a paper. And bam, you’ve found yourself a hobby. You force yourself to blot like Shakespeare or to draw like Picasso, or to sound like One Direction your favorite band, just because you have no choice. But then as time went on, you will make this a habit since you have to do something on your spare time, especially if you’re still a student and you’re on term break or if you’re jobless and broke at the same time.  Sometimes this habit develops or sometimes it just transforms into a new one, maybe drinking or smoking pot. Anyhow, this is one of the struggles of a loner kid each of them have no other option but to face.


Correlated to the first struggle above, there is always the need for company. And because of that, you always make yourself available, up to the moment and ever dependable in times of struggle and before and after party struggle. You hardly miss any occasion, and if ever you did, you just tend to hate yourself for a day for doing so; it felt like you miss half a lifetime for not seeing Joey throw up or not witnessing  Sarah fell off the pool. It just sucks. Especially when the time comes when you’re the one in need for some real friends, not everyone seems to care. Because you’re always seen sometimes your presence depreciates. Again, that sucks pretty badly. TC mark


Whether it’s your first job interview, your first recital, your first gig, your first ballet dance, your first time getting high, your first time getting it on; there’s always this underlying pressure to do good. There’s always this expectation, especially from your parents that you can’t run away from .Since it’s always been just you from the start,  you don’t want to let yourself and your lonely ego down. You take pride in doing things on your own, and if all else fails there’s no one to blame but yourself.


Well ever since the moment you open your eyes to this world, there’s no one else but you and your mom and dad. It’s always the three of you, and at some point you’d think that it isn’t the numbers that count, but the value in them. Growing up with no one to share your room with, to talk with when you’ve been slammed down by this guy or girl, or when you’ve been turned down by a job is already a never ending struggle you have no choice but to face every damn day.  You learn to appreciate small things. You develop this almost blood relationship with your friends. You thrive to exceed expectations. You strive to have a good life in order to take care of the only two beings you’ve known your whole life. And you want to prove yourself to the world that being alone doesn’t have to be so bad, and in time, you will win. TC mark

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