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That Time I Was A Rapper

We discovered early on that writing songs – even techno – requires skill. But once we figured out the kick-hat-kick-hat + snare roll formula, things slowly came together. Then when we realized you can drop techno down to 85 beats-per-minute and essentially create ‘80s-style rap beats… well; it all sort of snowballed from there.

My Neighbor, The Drug Dealer

Sooo, we good? Nice dog, by the way. What is he? An American pit bull? Is he friendly? Oh. Okay, I’ll keep that in mind next time I see him on your steps. We’re more cat people, ourselves. Though cats can be pretty mean too. Our Persian is real feisty. Check out this scratch on my arm… Brutal, right?

On Living And Loving With Man Boobs

Every time it happens, I’m taken back to ninth-grade swimming class. In those days I wore an oversized Ghost in the Machine t-shirt in the pool to try and conceal my shame. Not that it worked. The fact that I had a shirt on only meant that I had something to hide.

No, Band, You Can't Crash On Our Couch

Here’s the thing though – we’re really flattered you guys would even ask if you could stay at our house. But I noticed you’ve got a lot of people with you. Did you meet all of them here at the rock club? Or did they come with you from Brooklyn?

Strip Club Survival for Sensitive New Age Guys

Let a girl catch your eye. She has glasses. Or short hair. Maybe both. She’s different from the rest… she shouldn’t be here. Consider asking her for a dance, then telling her you only want to talk. Imagine her intrigue…a man who would rather talk than objectify? Perhaps she consents…perhaps she finds you to be charming… perhaps she gives you her num–

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