Things Johnny Rzeznik Of The Goo Goo Dolls May Be Thinking Right Now

I was the Adam Levine of 1998.

When I die, they should put a lock of my hair next to the glasses John Lennon wore when he was shot. I wonder who I need to call to set that up…

Only 7,000 Twitter followers? This is ridiculous. You guys know I wrote “Iris,” right??

God, I hope there’s a Transformers 4… Maybe I’ll e-mail Michael and see if he’s got anything in the pipeline.

Hey, what if we did a tour with Maroon 5? That would be cool. The MarGOOn 5 Concert Series… something like that. We could take turns headlining each night. I bet Adam would be up for that.

I need to pick up some more tank tops before then.

Does Adam wear tank tops? He should. I mean, he totally has the body for it…

Maybe I should let Robby sing more on the next record. He’s been in a real funk since that barista mistook him for Chaz Bono.

“Give a Little Bit” was a mistake, plain and simple. Ugh. Why didn’t I listen when Mike pitched “Goodbye Stranger”?

We should go back to sounding like The Replacements.

Would it be weird if I sent Adam a tank top? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – HereIsGone

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