Thank You Das Racist

Gary He/Insider Images
Ryan Muir/Insider Images

It was announced yesterday that rap-band Das Racist broke up. I have nothing to “say about it” – because they are friends of mine, because I am not a music journalist, because sometimes I think so much cultural criticism only takes us away from the art, from visceral reactions and un-researched contextualizations. Sometimes I think the only thing the Tree of Knowledge gives us is the realization that we’re naked.

Anyway, all I want is to thank them for the music, and to share it here with all of you, and perhaps take a moment so in years we remember that during this weird recession time in New York City three smart and talented people had a band called Das Racist and they made fun and meaningful and good music. And, like with anything good, they probably gave us a lot more than we gave them back.

So thank you. YDM dudes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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