You Are Extraordinary

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It starts at a young age. We’re told that certain talents, interests, and pursuits lead to economical success and that others don’t. We’re told that those that lead to economical success are the only ones that are important, that have value, that deserve your commitment. It’s not always direct, but it is a reality for a lot of people that is often bleak and disheartening. We’re given core subjects to study in school that suggest to us what is most important to be successful in. We’re encouraged to become engineers, accountants, dentists, lawyers. We’re told that playing an instrument, drawing, and writing are good hobbies to have, but not careers to pursue. It’s tough feeling like your interests and talents aren’t valued in society. It’s tough feeling like you’re never quite good enough, like your abilities never quite meet people’s expectations.

So I just wanted to say that I think you’re extraordinary. I know that sometimes you have trouble believing this about yourself, but know that I believe it for you. You are unique and you are worthwhile. You contribute something of value to this world. You are talented and you are good at things.

You are good at telling stories, at making people laugh until their stomachs are sore and tears are in their eyes. You have incredible handwriting. You are good at making Kraft Dinner, at not following the box instructions and adding in the actual perfect amount of butter. You are good at mixing drinks. You are good at doing your hair; you can use a straightener in five different ways and every morning it looks like you’ve just been to a salon. You are good at speed-reading. You are good at playing video games, at getting the best ending in RPGs and maintaining an unbeatable KDR. You are good at writing songs, poetry, short stories, essays; you inspire and challenge people with how you string together words. You are good at making the perfect playlist for any occasion. You can put together an outfit that would make the Olsen twins envious; you take chances and experiment in fashion and motivate others to do the same. You are good at cutting straight without any lines and at drawing circles free-hand. You are good at traveling, finding the best flight deals, bartering for the cheapest prices at markets. You are good at remembering and reciting quotes from your favorite movies and TV shows. You are good at adapting to new environments, making new friends, rolling with the punches. You are good at untangling headphones and Christmas lights. You create artwork that changes people, that makes them think, that makes them stop and stare in awe.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your abilities just because they don’t necessarily serve an economical purpose. Don’t allow anyone to convince you that what you are good at, what you are passionate about, what you find value in is not worthwhile. Your talents are a reflection of your heart, curiosity, and passions and the things that are important to you are important, period. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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