Where Would We Be Without Music?

A red neon reads “No music, no life” against a dark background
Simon Noh / Unsplash

We’ve all been there. You’re dealing with something that you are almost certain no one else can relate to or even comprehend. There seems as though there is nowhere to turn and nothing else to do about this.

You decide to go for a drive and immediately turn on the radio. Suddenly, the song playing depicts every emotion you are feeling and you turn it up as loud as it can go. This song is then blasted on repeat for hours after your drive and whenever you feel that way again, you play that same song.

Music is an escape from reality and a discovery of emotions.

It can transform your mood within minutes or even open your eyes to new concepts and ideas. It’s a topic of conversation, a way to meet people and form friendships. Music provides us with a world of opportunities and experiences. 

Picture this, you’re standing in the front of a general admission pit next your best friend watching your favorite band play right in front of you. You turn to your friend and scream the lyrics to them with hundreds of strangers singing the exact same song around you. In that moment, you are a part of a community and everyone in that room has one thing in common.

Whether you enjoy playing music to express yourself or listen to it when you get bored, music has a purpose for each and every person listening to it. Supporting artists, streaming and going to live performances are only some ways music impacts our everyday lives.

Music is the friend we go to when we don’t want to bother anyone else. It’s an escape from our problems that we don’t quite feel like dealing with in that exact moment. It’s a way to get pumped up when we’re feeling down. Most importantly, it’s a way to get inspired. So, where would we be without music? TC mark

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