To The People Who Can’t Comprehend Being Confident (While Not Being Thin)

Sophia Louise
Sophia Louise

Someone told me, “You have a beautiful face but you are borderline obese. Life will be difficult for you.”

The only thing that might make my life difficult is encountering people with ignorant comments like this. The response I had told him was just that, and he said, if the truth frustrates me I should make changes. The truth he is speaking of, is his truth, not mine.

The only thing frustrating about the situation is that this man took it upon himself to go out of his way and make a comment like that to me, as if I care, as if his opinion would matter. It was never the content of the statement that upset me but more so the man’s entitlement and the reflection of the ugly truth within our culture that stared back at me.

I have learned there are many people who have more of an issue with my weight than I do. These people can’t comprehend how someone who isn’t thin can be secure in who they are. I am confident. I care about my health. Although I am not thin, I am healthy, just not in the best shape to our culture’s standards. Lucky for me I have no intention of joining the cast of Survivor any time soon.

I strive each day to be better and closer to happiness than I was the day before. This is what matters to me. It’s easy to not let ignorant comments get to me, because I know that anything anyone else has to say about me can’t be worse than something I haven’t already told myself.

If you have ever struggled with body positivity, I hope what I’ve learned over the years might help you, and know that you are not alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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