10 Signs You’re Pretty Damn Introverted

Flickr / Shane Gibbons
Flickr / Shane Gibbons

1. You don’t like the idea of eating with others.

Because you don’t want to be stuck with meaningless conversations or watch others using their phones. And of course, it’s a drag when others eat really slowly. You’d have to stick around then.

2. Invitations to public events feel like a burden.

It makes you wonder why you didn’t decline in the first place early on. Whenever the date of the engagement draws near, it feels like a major inconvenience. Once you realize that accepting these invitations don’t do anything for you, you become that guy who pretty much rejects everything.

3. You hate the competitive nature of your passion or sport.

Because that’d mean congregating at some place with way too many people. It makes your love for the dance, art, or sport seem mass-produced and impersonal.

4. You don’t feel happy for your friends who are happy in groups.

This is when you see Instagram pictures of your friends taking wefies and you’re like, “Ugh.” You then question why you can’t just support your own friends.

5. Traveling with others is NOT an option.

The last thing you want is to wait in your hotel room while somebody takes his time to shower.

6. You appreciate your alone time, but in the correct amounts.

That means to say, you do want attention from your friends and family, but they have to do it right. Like, you don’t want to be left alone at a party, but you don’t want them eating with you, either. This also makes you wonder if you’re a brat who wants the best of both worlds.

7. You secretly harbor thoughts of being successful just so you can show off to the masses.

Then you can be like, “Call me antisocial, weird, and different, huh? This is how I work. This is why I’m better than you! Respect the lifestyle, bitch!” You probably wouldn’t say that, but you definitely would revel in the attention.

8. You don’t like the connection that social media brings.

If anything, it’s taking up too much of your time and you’re validating your life with the currency of likes and shares. That is why you’re considering going cold turkey and deactivating your accounts.

9. You want a partner, but not the cheesy romance.

Excitement in the relationship should come in the form of conversations, chilling out, doing nothing together, and respecting each other’s space. That’s sexy!

10. You think your friends are amazing individuals, but not so much when everyone gets together.

It’s weird how this switch can happen so quickly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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