Should I Try Weed?

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I’ve never smoked weed. I’ve never even smoked a cigarette before.

I drink a lot. I’ve gotten drunk a ton of times. I’ve made out and hooked up with girls in many clubs. I even hooked up with girls abroad, too.

Sometimes, I like to hang out with my buddies at clubs that are littered with working girls, because they’re hot and all they want is money in exchange for our attention. But that’s as far as my vice goes.

Weed is such a wonder to me. I feel like I’ve never really lived life to the fullest because I’ve yet to get stoned and do the sort of crazy shit that only weed can induce.

I think potheads and weed “culture” can be extremely lame. All the people I know who smoke weed regularly tell me they smoke up simply to take chilling out to another level, like they want go to “another world.” They tell me they want inspiration for their supposed art form, be it dancing, singing, music, writing, or poetry.

They tell me they believe that society is a matrix and that we should get out of it and start living according to our minds. They tell me that weed is perfectly safe for the body and brain because a while ago they read some article from some obscure website about how weed is safe.

They tell me they aren’t addicted, but they are always using it anyway.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that a lot of potheads are bums who don’t want to get a job, because living life to the fullest and getting high is enough for them.

Everybody eventually has to contribute back to society and I really wonder how weed is actually a lifestyle to some. I really don’t get what’s so cool about smoking up and then forgetting about practically everything, and then telling me a story about it like I’m supposed to be entertained.

I only wonder when they’ll get caught. I mean, there’s gotta be a reason why weed is still considered dangerous by most countries, right?


I wouldn’t mind trying it.

I want that “high,” that inspirational feeling people tell me about. As a Bboy and a writer, I have fantasies that it will make me better at my craft.

Maybe I’m lying to myself, as I’m not even sure I’d dare to take that step.

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