12 Things I Learned About Life From Eating A ‘Magical’ Fungus

Twenty20 / ryanmoreno
Twenty20 / ryanmoreno

On this amazing planet, there is so much we have yet to uncover. While humans have come a long way and have made some amazing discoveries, there is still so much we haven’t figured out. I have always been a curious person, eager to experience many different things. Traveling has always been important to me. I truly believe that traveling opens up your world to possibilities you once didn’t know possible. However, in this article I want to focus on a particular substance that I encountered on my travels that taught me a whole lot more than I expected.

The substance I am talking about is a fungus: psilocybin mushrooms. Not everyone has heard of them, probably because they happen to be illegal in many countries. However, there are countries where the possession of psilocybin mushrooms is legal and the sale of psilocybin mushrooms (in certain forms) is legal as well. For example, in the Netherlands one can purchase the psychoactive mushroom species in the form of truffles. I obtained these “magic truffles” in a smart shop in Amsterdam.

Before I continue, I want to say that I am not an advocate of most kinds of illegal drugs. I believe that most of the drugs out there today are harmful, destructive and can be addictive. However, when I was considering taking the psilocybin mushrooms, I considered the fact that they are completely natural. As a fungus that grows on the earth, I would not be ingesting a chemically processed compound that has proven negative effects. Rather, psilocybin mushrooms have no known negative physical long-term effects.

I never would have thought a fungus could teach me so much. There is so much happening outside our realm of consciousness that we cannot see or understand. As crazy as it may sound to the average person, the mushrooms I ate reassured me of a number of things.

1. Material things don’t matter.

I had just gotten a new necklace from an artist at a local show. It was a cool looking stone from Tibet. I decided to wear the necklace while I ate the mushrooms, thinking maybe the necklace would look magical or powerful with my “new eyes.” Little did I know it would be quite the opposite. Amidst my trip, I looked down at my necklace and started to laugh. I told my sister that I wore the necklace thinking it would look cool. I held it in my hand, smiling, as I said, “It’s just a necklace! It doesn’t mean anything!” She laughed and said, “I know.” My phone didn’t mean anything, my necklace didn’t mean anything, and my abundance of clothes didn’t mean anything. Material things didn’t mean anything.

2. Time is relative.

It becomes ever more clear that time is relative while in a different state of mind. There was no yesterday, there was no tomorrow, there was only a now. This is where you are right now. Enjoy it.

3. You have to trust.

I became reassured that trusting is the only way to live. Trust in yourself, trust in the kindness of others, trust you are on the right path and trust in the Universe. Everything is happening the way it is happening. Trust me.

4. We are all just shooting through space.


5. There is a ‘truth.’

I have never been religious and have never necessarily believed in a higher power. Yet, my mind changed after the mushrooms made their way through my body. I couldn’t stop repeating, “There is definitely a truth.” I have never felt more connected to something so much bigger in my life. I truly believe we are ALL a part of something so much grander. That something is good and we are heading toward it.

6. There are few things greater than beauty.

This earth is filled with so much beauty and we often fail to appreciate it. With the mushrooms inside my body, I walked through the never-ending garden of flowers, rippling ponds and vast green lands of Vondelpark. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The park was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. My eyes were opened to a beauty I had never experienced before. I felt the beauty and I would forever spend a couple more minutes admiring a bright blooming flower or staring at the multitude of colors in the dawn sky. Beauty may be fleeting but it is forever returning. This earth is heaven if only we look.

7. Nature has the answers.

As humans, we have cut ourselves off from nature in many ways. However, nature is where we need to look to find the answers. I truly believe that every cure for every disease, and every lost, damaged soul can be healed with nature. Humans need to work with nature rather than against it. Only then will we be truly happy.

8. Dreams are important.

I can’t tell you exactly how or why, but they are.

9. People are amazing.

As I sat there thinking, I was overwhelmed with the emotion of how much I loved people. Each and every one of us is unique. However, deep down we all experience the same thoughts and emotions no matter where we are from, what we look like or what language we speak. People have the ability to do some incredible things and while there may be some people who happen to be selfish or cruel, there are so many inspirational people trying to make the world a better place.

10. All living things matter.

While people are amazing, some people believe we are the only things that matter. I didn’t need mushrooms to teach me that all living things experience the same emotions humans do, however, they definitely reconfirmed it. Animals feel love, jealousy, fear and pain just as we do. As hard as it is for some people to understand, we are no more important than the dolphin swimming through the ocean, the jaguar roaming through the forest, or the lizard basking in the sun.

11. Everybody has a purpose.

Sometimes people tend to feel lost in this crazy world we live in. I know I do. However, the mushrooms assured me that we all have a purpose. Everyone has something good to contribute to this earth. Not only do we as humans have a purpose, but everything has a purpose. The ant crawling by your feet has a purpose and the bird flying above your head has a purpose. Your purpose may not be crystal clear, but try to tune in as often as possible. Slowly but surely signs will guide you along.

12. Love

It all comes down to love. In the end, it is the most powerful, important force. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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