6 Beautiful Ways Love Is Like Music

Flickr / cinnamon_girl
Flickr / cinnamon_girl

I’ve had this idea that love is like music. Your relationship to another individual can also be compared to your relationship with music. Both involve your emotions and both involve decisions. I will try to better explain:

1. Initial Attraction Matters.

When you hear a song for the first time, you immediately determine whether you like the sound of it or not. Sometimes the song will really hit you in a certain way emotionally and you will want to keep listening to it. As you listen to it again and again, you will either fall deeper in love with it, or you will start to tire of it. Maybe a song sounds beautiful, but as you listen to the lyrics, you no longer find it to be as beautiful as you initially imagined. Or maybe you don’t care for a song initially, but as you listen to the lyrics, it suddenly becomes more meaningful to you and you grow to love it. Either way, initial attraction matters. Upon hearing a song for the first time you will either make the choice to listen to the song again or you won’t pay it much attention.

2. Some Songs Are Good For The Moment.

Everyone goes through different phases of his or her life. Sometimes you will be able to relate to song at the moment for whatever reason. However, you may tire of that song after a while. That is okay- listen to it while you enjoy it, then change the channel.

3. Sometimes It Is Time to Change The Channel.

Enough said.

4. Sometimes You Are Unsure About Changing The Channel.

Often you are listening to a song and you like it enough, but you don’t really love it. You might debate about whether or not you should change the channel. Maybe you are worried that there is nothing really good on any other channel so you decide to stick it out. You will most likely be perfectly content listening to whatever song you continue to listen to.
However, if you are curious enough to change the channel, you might end up running into your favorite song. When you finally make the decision to change the channel, if you end up switching and finding a song you love, there is no better feeling. You immediately realize that if you hadn’t changed the channel, you would have never known that an amazing song was just a switch away.

5. There Are Times That Are Meant For Silence.

As amazing as music is, sometimes you need to turn it off. It is important to tune out of whatever is on the radio, and tune into whatever thoughts are in your head. Then, when the time is right, you will be ready to turn the music on again.

6. There Are A Few, Special Songs That You Will Never Tire Of Hearing.

These are the songs that are worth finding.

Music is amazing. I can imagine that falling in love is also amazing. The beauty about this world is that everyone is different. Different people like different songs. That is what makes this world go round. Keep listening to music when you want, turn it off when you need time alone, but always keep your ears open for that special song that may just stick with you forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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