Digital Dating Is More Like A Game Of Conquests


Dating over a digital platform, or as I like to call it, “Dating on Demand,” though awfully convenient to those working 40+ hours a week, and mighty dependable as it offers an abundance of tempting new releases every day, has completely transformed dating from a well-intentioned search for love and companionship into a game of conquest.

The option of meeting a handsome stag on a dating site or app of some sort, whether it be Okcupid, Hinge, Tinder, or the newest scandy out there, MiXXXer, is terrific! As long as you value a guy who merely dabbles in dating sites to orchestrate a collection of lady prospects that will be available day and night to let’s face it, feed his narcissism.

As terrifyingly accurate as this sounds, once a guy breaks the surface of getting to know you over messenger or text, him disclosing his undying love for French bulldogs and tuning into your confessions of a debaucherous spring break in Panama City, almost immediately he will attempt to connect with you over a variety of social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, Venmo; the list goes on and on.

After a short while you’ll feel as though you know him pretty well through his captivating updates and the constant communication, whether it be written or visual, that you’ll forget the tiniest detail.

The two of you have never actually met.

Weeks pass, maybe even months of him sending you a series of encouraging texts and Snapchats that have you feeling pretty optimistic, and all the while it doesn’t even occur to you that these “intimate gestures” are being shared with countless other women, likely as many as your specific “Don Juan” can handle.

If you’ve made it past round one and charmed him to the depths of his soul with your challenging wit and merciless sass, he’ll usually find time at his convenience to finally ask you out for a drink, not because he intends on moving the relationship forward but mainly because he feels he owes it to himself to see if he can get invited up for a nightcap.

These casual rendezvous may continue for weeks, even months, but all the while, though the sparks are a-flying, his agenda remains unchanged. Come tomorrow, mark my words, he’ll be vying for the attention of the next girl.

Although this guy may have various redeeming qualities, over time it will become self -evident that the entire “relationship” is nothing short of a joke. As deeply as he dazzles you with his words, he will repeatedly disappoint you with his actions. With each step forward he takes, he will hastily take two steps back. And he will continue playing games until they are so tired out that you will forget there was ever a time he held you and meant it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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