Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Psychic To Totally Clueless

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Psychic To Totally Clueless
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1. Pisces

You have that rare ability to pull the camera back and see the Big Picture.
Not only do you know what people are thinking, you know who taught them to think that way. You can finish people’s sentences for them. Sometimes you don’t want to see what people are thinking, because wow, it can be ugly! It’s almost like you’re too psychic and want to find the OFF switch sometimes.

2. Cancer

Ruled by the magical moon, you can read feelings as if they were Tarot cards. It’s your intense natural sensitivity and deep empathy that allow you to see beyond the superficial. You would be foolish not to follow your superb powers of intuition. Your psychic abilities are very strong, so don’t ever stand in their way. Trust your gut or get ready for a gut punch of reality.

3. Aries

You forget what happened in the past, aren’t sure what’s happening now, but are superb at predicting what will happen next. You have the precious ability to see the trajectory of time, the workings of cause and effect, and tracing it right into the future. You are highly attuned to the winds of change and the sands of time. The only downside is that you are better at predicting the future than recognizing people’s feelings in the present.

4. Virgo

You are totally dialed in to the environment—the air, the water, the sunshine, the trees, the plants, and the animals. This natural connection with nature is what gives you such strong psychic abilities. You will never wear the same dress as your best friend because you can predict when she’ll wear it. You know that the guy you must met wants to be more than “just friends,” which is why you never text him back. Your only drawback is that sometimes you let your feelings get in the way of logic.

5. Scorpio

You’re able to predict small things—like, you just knew that guy in the Subaru was going to cut you off in traffic—but would prefer to be able to predict big things such as Lotto numbers. You’re unmatched in your ability to read the motives of others; sadly, sometimes you’re totally unaware of what drives you. Your chief psychic ability is that you can tell when someone is attracted to you, no matter how hard they try to conceal it. When it comes to lust, you’re like a drug-sniffing dog. Sometimes you need to get away from the noise and the crowd; you need some quiet, meditative time to reconnect with and sharpen your psychic abilities.

6. Leo

The problem isn’t that your psychic abilities are weak; it’s that your ego is bigger than your intuition. You’d do well with a little less lion and a little more lamb. It’s not that you don’t have psychic abilities; the problem is that you don’t listen to the voice inside you enough. You are not intuitive when it comes to financial or political matters, but when it comes to matters of the heart, you’re the Queen of the Crystal Ball. Trust your instincts when it comes to love; for everything else, hire a specialist.

7. Capricorn

You listen too much to your brain and not enough to your heart. You have psychic powers—even visions sometimes—but you’re inclined to think it’s mental illness instead of intuition. You won’t talk to people about your visions because you fear they’ll call you crazy. Your deep need for approval and social acceptance stand in the way of you ever developing the natural psychic abilities you’ve had since childhood. If you could ignore what everyone else is saying and listen to what your heart is telling you, you’d be ranked higher on this list.

8. Gemini

Leave it to the Twins to always do things halfway—when it comes to psychic ability, you’re somewhere between Miss Cleo and a mortar brick. Mostly, your psychic abilities reside deep within you but remain largely untapped because you’re easily distracted. But as long as you have a good teacher, you’re a quick learner. You are very good at learning by absorption, so your intuition will strengthen if you surround yourself with empaths and intuitive people.

9. Aquarius

Do you hear that knocking sound? It’s me tapping on the side of your head, telling you to open up and experience the outside world. Ironically, your meditative, reflective, internal nature doesn’t help you tap into your psychic nature; instead, it acts as a roadblock. You’re too wrapped up in your internal world to be able to experience other dimensions. You know what you want; the problem is that you’re clueless about what motivates others.

10. Taurus

You are deeply grounded in the Earth and everything around you. You notice small details that no one else does. You consider the facts and the odds, and you don’t make bad decisions. You are logical and practical and pragmatic. And this is why you’re a lousy psychic.

11. Libra

You are the sign of the scales, and when it comes to psychic ability, you balance between being very intuitive about other but entirely clueless about yourself. Being a practical person means you don’t even believe in psychic powers, which stunts your ability to ever develop rudimentary intuitive skills.

12. Sagittarius

Look, Sag, no one loves you more than I do. Many of my best friends are Sagittarians. But let’s face facts: Fact is, you are not psychic at all. You don’t have intuition; you have out-tuition. You’re so clueless about the future, you walk right into walls. My advice, from the heart, is for you to find wise people, befriend them, and never let them go. They will be your guiding light. And the only reason I’m telling you all this is because you’re not psychic, so how would you know otherwise? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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