10 Little Reminders All Best Friends Need To Tell Each Other


1. You are important.
You should love yourself; you shouldn’t lose yourself for anyone. True, love makes us blind towards certain things, but that doesn’t mean you should let love be a knife that twists on your heart all the time. That’s not love. That’s dark, pain, hatred, and many other things that are negative enough to suck life out of you. Don’t be unfair to you. You are important.

2. Your parents didn’t bring you up to cry over boys. They expected more, they deserve that “more”. They took care of you when nobody knew you or wanted you in their life. You weren’t a mistake. You were a choice and they chose you and you should choose them too because when everyone has left you alone, they will still stand by you and will hold you, because you are a choice they choose to make day over day.

3. Stop under-estimating yourself. You shouldn’t worry about what they expect from you, if they really love you, they let you grow. They won’t cut you down, they won’t let you down, they won’t put you down, and most importantly they won’t hurt you and won’t let anyone hurt you. Just because your life isn’t happening in the way that a majority of others’ lives are happening, that doesn’t mean, you are any less than any of them. Stop under-estimating you. You are not here to do what they want you to do; you are here to do what you want to do. You can choose either to rise or fall down more.

4. Don’t let your past define you. If someone tries to define you with your past, remind yourself that they are not over the past, but you are done with it. You don’t need to water dead flowers and complain why they don’t bloom. You know its dead inside and the people who talks about it too. Don’t let the past define you, but let it make you strong, and know what you do today is better than what you did yesterday.

5. Friends, you know who you call when you are deep down hurt; they love you for who you are. They have known you in your every form of way you have been in, and they still choose to love you. You deserve a love like that which choose to love you in every form of the way you choose to be in. Be it friends or lovers, they should accept you the way you are.

6. Nobody should judge you, but darling, everyone will.
Know that and move on. No matter what we do in life, everybody will have a say and they will tell you how you are so not good at it. But when you are something, they’ll tell you how they were a BIIIIIG part of you at first. Don’t let anyone take credit for who you have become. You do you.

7. Life is much better when you don’t have to make efforts for people who don’t make any effort in return. It’s sad that we love people so much that we even let them hurt us and we think it’s okay. But it isn’t. Don’t let anyone fool you on that note.

8. Nothing’s worth worrying about.
That’s hard to do when you have a big heart, i know that very well but that’s the truth. Nothings actually worth worrying about. Once this person asked me to live my life in moments, yes I do, I totally love it. But Make sure you don’t choose moments you regret next morning.

9. Truth is everyone will hurt you, but you should know who is worth the tears.
Make sure you get over it before anybody knows it and they’ll wonder how you do it. You know you can do it. You will. For yourself. One day you’ll wake up and think how you shouldn’t be sad over somethings or some people and you’ll move on. You’ll love it.

10. Most importantly, you are a woman. You will be respected on how you choose to live your life. You can do things which none of those boys who make you cry can do. So choose how you will live your life and who is worth it to be by your side when you are all shiny and happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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