This Is Why ‘I Love You’ Is An Understatement

With all the versions of answers for “What is love?” existing today, you could probably get one that fits whatever you feel inside that chest of yours for some reason. But none of these seem to fit mine, which is composed of because and whys and with and with outs. Mine is unexplainable, mine is different. I can’t remember the exact moment when we admitted those words, or who said what first. All I remember was all the things that I wanted to say to make you understand in the simplest terms the complexity of my feelings.

I love you

For the way that you selflessly put my best interest first before yours in every decision that we make. May it be as simple as what movie to watch, or what time to watch it, snacks in the cinema or which seat to take. Or may it be as big as who I want to be, or what I want to do in the future. You always compromise for me that’s why I am more than willing to compromise for you and know that it is not always about what I want. By doing those little things you taught me a lot, and for that, I loved you.

I love you…

For the way that you find ways to remind me that I haven’t slipped your mind even if we haven’t talk for days or weeks or months. That a simple reminder of “Be safe” even once a week can go a long way. You taught me the importance of trust and connection, that caring doesn’t have to be by constantly chatting and checking, but seeing if I’m good with life every now and then. You loved me by giving me space and freedom, and for that, I loved you.

I love you…

For you know when to talk and when to just listen. You can give me hours of silence while I breathe heavily, crying about my problems and still be the best comfort that I’ll have. You taught me that being there for a person isn’t always about the comforting words and hugs. You can be a rock in a distance, and for that, I loved you.

I love you…

For making me want to make better choices in life, everyday. You know when to raise your hand and give caution for every bad decision that I’m about to make. You taught me that leading me in being a better person doesn’t have to be by being pushy and by nagging. You let me be, make my own mistakes and learn from them, and for that, I loved you.

I love you…

I can go on with words after words, paragraph after paragraph and page after page. But I’m afraid that by doing that you will be creeped out by how I observe things. Even “I love you” now would be an understatement.
Because I am in love with you. In the simplest yet most complicated kind of way. I do not love only the things that you do, but every part of the person that you are.

I am in love with your ideas, with how creative and crazy and stupid and brilliant they are. I am in love with your eyes, with how big and brown they can be. I am in love with your voice, with how girly it sounds for a man. I am in love with your cheeks, with how puffy and soft they are especially when you smile. I am in love with your passion, with your dreams, for your family and the people that you love. I am in love with your lips, with how tiny and cheeky they are, with how they dance when you talk, when you eat and when you laugh.

Darling, I can give you a thousand and one reasons why I love you, when you give me a thousand reasons not to. I will always be thankful, for wherever we end up in this world, being in love with you will always be one of the best things that I stumbled up on, and I believe that made me who I am today, and will always be a part of who I will be tomorrow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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