In Times Of Trouble, Turn To God

People tend to look for somebody who will listen and help them in times of trouble. In the worst cases, when they don’t really know what to do and don’t have even the simplest possible solution, people tend to give up and just quit. We tend to forget that troubles are part of our lives and these are blessings in disguise. During these moments in our life, God is telling us these things.

1. We should NOT be afraid of what’s ahead, regardless if it’s a good thing or not.

God knows all the days of our lives. The days we will have to endure suffering and the days we will have to be glorious and happy. After all, life is not always bright. There are dark days and there’s nothing wrong with that. We just have to trust Him.

2. God allows suffering to test us.

God permits suffering not to really make us suffer but to test us. When there’s suffering, there’s more consistency in clinging to God and holding on to Him. So if sometimes we feel like a prisoner of our own lives, the only way out is Him. Call on Him. God permits suffering to direct our paths to Him.

3. God will never let us suffer forever.

Trials and obstacles are only part. It does not complete the life we live today. So if we’re being tested now, know that God will not make this last forever. He knows us. He knows everything in our life and until when we can endure. He knows when to save us because He knows our limit.

4. God only needs us to be faithful.

Being tested does not give us the reason to be unfaithful. The more we are being tested, the more we need that great faith. God is faithful to His promises. He is a promise keeper and let’s hold on to that.

Knowing these things, God wants us to do our part as His children.

1. Believe in Him.

Believe that He knows what’s ahead of us and what’s bound to happen. Surely, He will make way for good things to happen.

2. Endure with Him.

We can never escape suffering, but we can endure it with Him. Always pray and cling on to Him.

3. Wait for Him.

God will not let us suffer forever. We will have to wait until He can throw away everything in our lives that makes us suffer. He will surely battle for all of us.

4. Just always have faith in Him.

So you see, troubles aren’t really just troubles. Those are God’s way of telling us how much He loves us.

Romans 8:38-39.