Don’t Make Me Feel Beautiful, Make Me Feel Loved

Woman poses seductively with eyes closed wearing in lingerie on her couch
Camila Cordeiro / Unsplash

Don’t make me feel beautiful if you only feel obligated to do so. Don’t compliment me just for the sake of complimenting without really appreciating me. Don’t send me flowers, chocolates, and everything if you don’t intend to do that for a lifetime. I am not looking for past time buddies. Don’t look at me like you love me if what you really want is just the surface.

Look into my eyes and see my soul, that’s what I want.

Don’t tell me I am beautiful if all the girls you see are as beautiful as me. What I want is for you to see me beautifully different from them and that’s why you chose me. Don’t put too much effort into doing things you do just because you feel like you need to do it.

You don’t have to make me feel beautiful because that is a feeling from within. “I” have to be the person making myself feel beautiful, not you, not my friends and not anyone else in this world.

I am beautiful and I have to discover it within me because beauty is more than just being a head turner and a heartbreaker.

Beauty is a feeling discovered and realized alone. Don’t make me feel beautiful because if you do that, I’ll feel ugly when you’re not around. I’ll feel devastated when you leave. If you do that, my idea of me being beautiful will depend on you and I don’t want that to happen.

Don’t make me feel beautiful but I hope you make me feel loved. Make me feel that genuine love. Show me that true love waits, understands, and stays. Prove to me that true love does exist and it will happen to us. Prove to me that when you say you love me, you really do.

Prove to me that when you say you love me, you love me not only on your glory days but in all the days of our life.

Don’t make me feel beautiful but I wish you make me feel respected. This is I think the most important element of love. When you say you love me but don’t respect me, you’re lying to yourself.

Respect is mirrored from every little thing.

The time you devote in listening to me, the way you call me, the way you answer me, the way you treat me, the way you introduce me to other people, the way you let me be part of your life, and the way you hold me in times of fear and doubt; you give people a hint of how much you respect me.

Don’t make me feel beautiful but I pray you make me feel trusted. I pray you trust me so much that you want me to be with you for the rest of your life. I pray you entrust me your stories, your worries and your secrets. Entrust me the thought that your days will not always be happy but worth waking up for because we’re together. This is how I entrust you of everything, so, I pray you do the same for me.

Don’t make me feel beautiful but I need you to make me feel protected. It’s not that I am weak nor I don’t have the ability to protect myself. I can be alone but I would like to be with you and I will always choose to be with you.

Don’t make me feel beautiful, but make me feel these things.

Trust me. If you do these things, you’re making me feel way beyond beautiful. TC mark

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