What Sex With The Love Of Your Life Feels Like


Feels like you’re floating somewhere above your body.

Like, you can feel everything but also you’re in shock that this is happening. You’re watching yourself and feeling it and thinking spontaneous combustion is entirely possible. You could die and it wouldn’t faze you. Not in that moment.

Feels like hearing your favorite band live for the first time, front row. Feels like an avalanche. Feels like stepping into a hot shower and every goosebump you’ve ever had.

You’re almost scared to admit how good it feels. When something is that good, it’s scary. Feels like something you could lose and you’d have to go back to mediocrity and knowing something far more real and incredible exists out there. Like you’ve got to appreciate it every damn chance you get.

Feels like any sex you had before wasn’t sex. It was something else. More mechanical. More anatomical. More simple, to the point. This is like sex plus. Like sex and a religious experience at the same time. Like wanting more of it, harder, but also wanting to kiss every inch of skin tenderly. Wanting to pause and thank fucking God you’re here.

Feels like love is a verb, like something you’re actively doing. Making it. Being it. Everything.

Feels like sex with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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