Just So You Know, You’re Allowed To Quit

Daniel Garcia / Unsplash

Today I would like to debunk a myth we have believed in for generations. Our elders have used it to motivate us, our friends have used it to challenge us, and our foes have used it to mock us.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

I disagree.

A winner is defined by his ability to adapt to the circumstances he is faced with. He perceives the value of being flexible in his values and beliefs. He understands that not every situation requires a rigid response.

A winner is able to walk away from people or places or situations that are toxic to his well-being. No romantic pursuit or professional success or heated argument is sacred enough for him to compromise on his dignity and self-respect. No promise of reward is substantial enough for him to justify the pain his pursuit might bring.

A winner picks his battles wisely. He recognizes that he cannot fight his way through life. He stands up for what he believes in and makes his voice heard but also respects opposing viewpoints. He knows when to be combative and when to be diplomatic.

A winner knows when to depart from a battlefield when he realizes that a war has turned into a massacre. He displays an abundance of wisdom and not a lack of courage when he decides to save himself. He takes time to tend to his wounds before preparing himself for battle again. He lives to fight another day.

This is not to say that a winner refuses to fight for what he wants. He simply focuses on the battles the Universe tells him are worth fighting. He chooses not to fight alone.

So, remember this the next time you face a tough choice: winners do quit and quitters do win.

They do it on their own terms. TC mark

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