Read This When You’re Struggling To Find The ‘Good’ In Goodbye

Read This When You're Struggling To Find The Good In 'Goodbye'

People leave, but the way they left stays with you forever.

You wanted them to stay. They left. You pushed them away. Maybe you wanted to. Maybe you needed to. Maybe it killed you.

Except it did not. You are still alive. Breathing. Fighting. Surviving. Hoping. Praying.

They may not have stayed a part of your life forever like you wanted them to, but no one can take away the moments you shared with them. They once made you happy. They once made you feel like the luckiest person in the world. No one can steal those fond memories etched on your mind. You can play those memories like a movie reel whenever the pain of their absence keeps you awake at night.

Nothing else matters as long as you walked away with the satisfaction of knowing that you had a positive impact on their lives. There is salvation to be found in how you were a shining beacon of hope in their darkest moment of despair.

You taught them the values of faith and self-esteem. You reminded them of their own worth. You gave them pieces of yourself until you had nothing left to give.

You lit yourself on fire to light the path for people who walked over your ashes to reach their destinations.

You were like a firefly. You emitted light without ever caring about how dark your own world had become. You were appreciated, but only as long as you served a purpose.

You were like a flower. You gave your fragrance to even those hands that crushed you. You were beautiful, but only from a distance.

I want you to remember this. No matter how much darkness surrounds you, as long as there is light in your heart you will always find your way home. No matter how many times you have been stamped upon, you are still beautiful in your resilience.

No matter how many people leave, they would have left you more alive than they arrived. They would have been loved truly and sincerely. The kind of love that mends the soul.

They will always carry your pieces inside them. They will always smile wistfully when they hear your name. They will never be able to forget you.

They will look up at the night sky and think of you when they see the brightest star because it would remind them of you. Just like that star, you will live on forever even though you are already dead.

Perhaps this is why there will always be a good in goodbye. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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