This Is Why I Stopped Chasing Love

Blake Lisk
Blake Lisk

All of us have had our fair shares of loving someone who is unable to reciprocate our love. We are so quick to release the brakes and are ready to move mountains for them. Yet despite the unequivocal signs from the other party, we’re still clinging onto a distant hope. We end up breaking our own hearts with our unnecessary expectations. Indeed, there’s this weird obsession of loving someone who doesn’t love us.

Someone’s inability of reciprocating our love is nobody’s fault. That’s because everyone has the right to love whoever they want. We cannot force someone to fall in love with us. Instead all we can do is to open ourselves up to the world and wait for the one who can accept us whole-heartedly.

There is no point in playing the chasing game when all we’re doing is hurting ourselves.

As painful as it is to have experienced a one-sided love, we need to remind ourselves that there is someone out there for everyone. It may seem that they’re taking a longer time to get here but always believe that it will happen eventually. The more we look for it, the more we’ll screw things up. So focus on the more important things for our sole purpose in life is not just to find a soul mate.

Life is everything but a fantasy. We are fed with the notion of ideal love stories through the movies. We are told to risk everything in the name of love. But that’s an unhealthy concept that we need to wake up from. Life is too short to be delusional. Reality can be harsh but for as long as we recognize that things do not always go as planned, we’ll be at peace with the situations we’re in.

We should then reserve our love and affection for someone who is truly worth it. And we can only start noticing them when we let go of the ones who are unable to appreciate our love.

We need to accept that we’re not for everyone. Nonetheless, there will be someone out there who would love everything about us including our quirks and flaws. And when the time comes, we’d understand why it didn’t work out with everyone else.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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