As The Year Ends, Let’s Remember The Good Times

 Tamara Bellis
Tamara Bellis

2016 might have been an awful year for some or an amazing and exciting for the rest. A lot has happened within a year. There are still goals beyond our reach. There are still scars that haven’t healed. Let’s face it; every year comes with different set of challenges that will drive us up the wall. But we will always get through it. Tough periods don’t last, tough people do.

We often get caught up with the negativities that we overlook even the smallest achievements we’ve made in a year. We beat ourselves up over the major catastrophic events and not give ourselves enough credit for even trying. It’s good to do some soul-searching and self-reflection but we shouldn’t be obsessed with our mistakes. For as long as we learn from them and avoid repeating them again, then that’s good enough.

New relationships were forged while some ended this year. And that is perfectly fine. We have to learn to be comfortable with changes because change is the only constant in life. Not everyone is supposed to stay in our lives forever. Always remember that some things are totally beyond our control. Accept it and move forward.

There are so many things we should all be thankful for even if we’ve had a rough year. Being appreciative prevents us from taking anything or anyone for granted. Besides, we only live once so let’s live it well.

Prioritize the people and things that matters most to you. We shouldn’t waste our time and energy on trivial issues; we’re better than that.

Before we embark on the coming year, let’s take this moment to embrace the good we’ve received this year while letting go of all of the toxicity.

Let’s take the enthusiasm, love, passion and all other good things with us on a brand new journey. Mistakes will still be made and lives will be lost. People will come and go as they please. And your soulmate is probably still in the wrong timezone. But with all of those in mind, remember that life is unpredictable.

You might not end up where you’d want to but you’ll be exactly where you’re supposed to be. All the best and cheers to a fruitful 2017!  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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