Here Is How You’ll Travel More

via Unsplash - Fabrizio Verrechia
via Unsplash – Fabrizio Verrecchia

How frustrating to be sitting on a desk while looking at your social feed with friends having the time of their life in places you only see on the internet. Automatically, your thoughts go if only I could afford it. Or, a more positive idea of – ‘One day, I will.” Adding one more inspiring thought to your already full list of one-days.

And this isn’t an inspirational travel post to tell you that one day your dreams will come true. Because they won’t.

Unless you do something today that impacts your ideas of adventures.

What do you want? What will truly make you happy?

It always ends up with wishing that there’s more money. But the money wouldn’t come. It’s not here today, it’s not going to be there tomorrow and neither next year. There are blogs that would tell you that travel is not as expensive as you think. True and false.

You still need money. Even if a budget travel may not be much for some people, maybe it is still too much for some. So the question is how, and we all end up frustrated. Because how come others can and we are stuck in our nine-to-fives. Why can’t it happen next month? Why is life not fair for some?

But you need to ask yourself this: How badly do you want to travel? If it is something you don’t find necessary then you better recheck your views of life, or your gauge on how much things can make you happy.

However, if you sincerely want to travel and enjoy a life rich of experience – then it’s time to start wanting it so bad that nothing can ever stop you from doing so. Yes, not even the lack of money.

Don’t get me wrong. If you are jobless, without a penny to spare, we all know you should be prioritising getting an income first. If you cannot get an income, I don’t think there will be enough drive to fuel the traveling part. You can always do better. Most of the time, the worst enemy we all have is ourselves.

I’m not saying here that just dreaming of travel has no merit. Dreaming – it’s always where the journey starts.

It is natural for humans to explore. It is natural for us to be curious. But not everyone has that innate desire to see that they go out and see the world. But if you view traveling, not as leisure, but a necessity of learning then want it so bad that it becomes a reality this year. It doesn’t matter how far or how near. What matters is that you go somewhere you have not been. Spend a day or two and figure out what life lessons you can acquire, or other surprising skills you didn’t know you have – like patience and resilience on trips not going as planned, or not planning at all.

Above all else, if there is one thing that travel teaches us is that we learn humility that we share the world among billions of others who reflect the same life that we thought unique to us. That there are striking generalities while appreciating the outstanding differences according to where we are born and raised.

That being said – this isn’t for inspiration. But these are proven thoughts to make sure you get on that trip – whether a short one or few days journey you’ve always wanted to do.

You need to truly want it. And by truly wanting it – I mean, to want it so bad that you can’t stop thinking about it, you obsess about it.

It’s one thing to dream about something. But there’s an inexplicable energy – adrenaline-like – in wanting something. You put all your mind to it. And you will realize how some things that you never noticed before come into light that is relevant to your wantings. If you don’t trust this, that you doubt it even before trying, then try the same way to wanting something (a cake or a party invite) and bringing your focus to it.

Make sure it’s the first thing you think about when you get up in the morning. Put in the details. Don’t want just ‘a cake’. Want a strawberry shortcake with plum strawberries toppings. Or a dulce de leche torte. And repeat that thought over and over again – conscientiously thinking the details of how you want it and how you would feel having it. Focus on the good feelings. And you’ll recognize how things or events that are relevant to these specific thoughts begins to manifest.

Think of travel. Where you are going – if you’re taking that trip alone or with somebody. Think of the things you’re going to do there. Think of the possible culinary adventure waiting for you. Imagine all the best people you’d meet. Imagine sunshine on your face or a star-filled clear night sky.

When you want something, you do even the smallest thing every day that will impact what you want.

Act as if you’re about to do it.

Check the airfare, check how much is the hotel booking. See what else you would do when you’re already there – a restaurant that you’d like to try, an old friend who lives nearby one who you never seen for years.

Get a jar, fill it up with bills every day. It doesn’t matter how much. It’s the act that does it.

Write that journey down first thing in the morning. Fantasize about being on a plane. Imagine your confusion in an international airport. Imagine your needless worries of being lost in crowds who speak a language too far from your own.

Start deciding which clothes you are taking with you. Like everything else in life – to truly want to have something – is to start doing even the smallest things.

Traveling doesn’t mean going halfway across the world

It could be anywhere. Sure you are dreaming of the Maldives, who wouldn’t. We have our dream destinations.

But then you are not wanting travel no matter how much (hashtag) wanderlust you put in all your Instagram shots. What you want is a trip.

That is too different to travel.

To travel is to experience life. To travel is to learn. Relaxing or for leisure is just a small part of it.

First, you need to ask yourself what it is you truly want before you can even act. If you are confused as to what you want, surely you will also be confused on things you need to receive.

Go out of town. Get on a train to an unfamiliar area of the city.

Stay at a friend’s house three hours from where you live. Do it. Go out. And you have already started your travel. You have already started your learning.

Travel is not for the privileged. It is for everyone and everybody just needs to see it from that standpoint.

It isn’t always nice hotels and luxurious baths. It isn’t just pristine beaches or mountain tops.

It is so much more. It is life. It is the appreciation of all things natural.

Ultimately, we learn that people are not so different than us.

You see if everyone travels, there would be more understanding.

And any collective understanding creates pockets of daily miracles. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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