The 9 Nastiest Things My Boyfriend Has Said To Me During Sex That Got Me Off Immediately

After writing about the things I’ve said to my boyfriend that turned him on past the point of control, I thought I’d be fair and write about the things he says to me. Here are the hottest things he has ever said to me:

“Come for me, you fucking bitch”

This happened completely out of the blue when we got home from a drunk night at a club where we got kind of nasty on the dance floor. We were both aching for it and my roommate was gone so as soon as we got in the door we took our clothes off and were fucking on the stairs (which is easy and hot and underrated). He said this to me and I immediately had one of the hardest orgasms of my life. It was incredible.

I think there’s supposed to be some apology here about how he’s a good guy and isn’t a misogynist but I don’t really care about how this sounds. Sex is like art, you can do whatever you want to and it’s not good or bad and it doesn’t mean anything about what kind of person you are. It’s expression and whatever you feel like doing is good as hell.

“I’ve been thinking about fucking you for so long”

This was the first time we had sex and I was so nervous because I really liked him and it’s awkward and vulnerable to get naked with someone when the stakes are so high. This was the perfect thing for him to say because it not only was really hot to hear and got me in the mood for really good sex, but it was also very comforting and relaxing. I needed the confidence boost to really let go and get into it.

“You are so fucking hot”

This is the old standard. It always works when he is trying to get things going. Does that make me vain? Can’t be any more vain than guys getting off when you tell them how big their dick feels inside you.

“I want to watch you come”

This was kind of sweet? I mean, he said it with his hand around my throat so it wasn’t exactly intended as a sweet nothing. But it felt sweet, which made me feel secure which is a big part of what makes me feel uninhibited enough to have crazy sex.

“I can’t stop myself when I’m with you”

Is there a more satisfying feeling in this world than making someone so horny they’re unable to control themselves when they’re around you? Not in my book. When my boyfriend said this to me I took it as the ultimate compliment. He couldn’t be his put-together self with me. Whatever I was doing, I was making him incapable of that.

“Suck it”

My boyfriend took his dick out while we were watching Practical Magic on TV and this was his gentle way of asking for head. I thought it was hot. We were bored, why wouldn’t we start fooling around? And instead of being wishy-washy or passively asking if maybe I would be up for it, he just made the decision. I was going to give him head. Great.

“You’re such a dirty girl”

He said this to me one of the first times we were hooking up. I was on my knees giving him head and he was rubbing his cock around my face. He said it with such a joyful grin on his face. I was excited to make him so happy and hearing it put into words got me so wet I immediately got up and got on the bed and told him I needed him to fuck me.

“I’m in an airport full of people and I’m turned on as fuck”

This wasn’t when we were in bed together but *I* was in bed. He was traveling for work. I’d been sending him dirty texts all night knowing he’d read them when he got iMessage on his plane internet. It turns me on to thing about turning a guy on so much when he can’t do anything about it. It’s a particular kind of power to have over someone.

“Good Girl”

I don’t really care when or how many times he says this, it’s always incredibly hot. If he says it while I’m about to orgasm, it always pushes me over the edge. If he says it after we’ve finished, I’m instantly ready for round 2. I don’t know what it is about these two magical words, but they get me every time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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