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How To Find And Keep A Sugar Daddy

I have a close friend who in one week went from being a homeless couch-surfing fitness instructor to living in a fabulous apartment near the beach and driving a Porsche while decked out in the latest Valentino.

Being Beautiful At All Costs

Are your teeth less than perfect? Either save up for veneers or have cosmetic bonding applied that can do everything from whitening to perfecting the shape of your smile.

12 Ways To Cultivate Eccentricity

One’s eccentricities should come naturally, for anything artificially cultivated has the cheap stench of affectation, but in case you require some inspiration, herewith are some basic suggestions to begin curating your new identity.

Quit Your Lame Job And Get A Life

You know who are the truly privileged?  It’s not the men pulling down seven-figure salaries, it’s their wives who don’t work yet enjoy all the indulgences of wealth like Chardonnay for breakfast, Botox for lunch and late afternoon Pilates. 

If You Want Rich Friends, Go To Rehab

If you live in Los Angeles or New York, you might also think about joining a cult that rich people like, such as Scientology or Landmark Education. I was recently invited by a client to one of these meetings and found that they were replete with entertainment industry professionals and fertile ground for networking.

Living Without A Budget

The truth is that I simply cannot imagine life without dinners at the Beverly Hills Hotel, weekends in Malibu, first class travel, or any of the other myriad material pleasures that money can buy.

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