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Am I Destined To Die Alone?

I can’t lower my standards any lower. If things don’t improve soon, I’m going back on Propecia to forestall hair loss and kill my libido so that I can be both youthful and asexual forever.

Married Men Aren’t Worth It

Eventually, one comes to the realization that the tradeoff is one-sided, the married man has his family and his lover on the side; and you’re still alone for the majority of the time in your apartment, waiting to be taken out and played with at his pleasure.

Single And Gay? Good Luck

But should you wish to trade meaningless sex for his and his towel sets, actually finding someone who wants the same comes with more obstacles than Lindsay Lohan’s path to sobriety.

How To Live A Life Of Pleasure

(If you’re in India, you won’t find this suggestion at all outlandish and are probably having a member of your staff massage you as you read this – good for you!).

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