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The Challenge Of Dating When You Aren’t Basic

To other basics, he would have appeared attractive. As a personal trainer, his body was his stock and trade. He had shoulders the span of a small couch and pecs that would have required the support of a bra were they not already as hard as cinderblocks. He had a handsome face with the benefit of youth, unlined and attractive in a Hollister store model way.

How Yoga Saved My Life

My yoga has become part of my identity. I take my practice with my everywhere and the lessons it’s taught me have reshaped my life perspective. It has given me a sense of peace and calm, a feeling that I myself am sufficient.

Can Money Buy Love?

I wondered, was I being shallow by going out with a wealthy older man who could afford to lavish me with things or the opposite by dating a man to whom I wasn’t attracted physically but engaged me intellectually?

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