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Slow Down, Life Is Not About Being Busy

When we over-schedule ourselves, plan for things days, weeks, and months in advance, we are eliminating the chance for spontaneity. We become automated versions of ourselves, shuffling mindlessly from one destination to the next without any time to process what we’re experiencing.

Love Yourself And Be Naked

We have an unhealthy relationship towards our bodies. We are never thin enough, or muscular enough, tall enough or round enough in the right places. On social media it is unacceptable for a woman to be topless but it is acceptable to perpetuate unrealistic standards of beauty using photo editing.

Become No One And Find Your Inner Bliss

You become no one when you cast off the labels imposed upon you from birth by the society. You are no longer a Christian or a Jew, you are no longer an American, no longer gay or straight, you just are. The boundaries between you and everyone else fall away. We are all part of the same existence.

A Zen Perspective On Bruce Jenner

Bruce has experienced all of his life as a man and it did not fulfill him. Now he wants to experience life as a woman. Perfectly fine, acceptable. But how will becoming a woman fulfill him?

There Is No Need To Hurry

There is no objective in this life. There are no winners or losers. You do not win by dying with the most money, or collecting the most honors and awards, or even having your name transcribed in the history books.

How To Win At Dating

You win at dating by not being invested in the outcome. When you drop all expectations of what a romantic encounter should be, detach yourself from any end result, you will find that you win every single time.

How To Say Goodbye To A Friend

Saying goodbye to someone who has been a friend to you is not easy, but it is sometimes necessary. Friendship is an exchange of energy. When that energy becomes unbalanced, it means the friendship has ended.

Learning To Love Yourself

Getting to know yourself is akin to any other romance. You must spend time with yourself. You must listen to yourself and trust the inner voice. As you are good to yourself, you open up like a flower in blossom.

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