Every Woman Deserves A Love Story Like ‘This Is Us’

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I am a tad bit late to the phenomenon that is the hit television show, This Is Us.

I’m late to the show that receives an average of about 15 million viewers a week on NBC. I’m only getting into it now because the second season recently started and I feel the need to see what all the hype is about.

Aside from the obvious reason, the romantic side of me recently discovered the man that is Milo Ventimiglia and I need to feed it by watching all of his television and film work. I think I can comfortably say that the majority of women in the United States have fallen hard for Ventimiglia’s character, Jack Pearson.

Jack Pearson embodies the man that we all desire: a hard-working guy that loves his family with all that he has within him. Not to mention that he is sexy as hell (seriously — just the first minute of the entire show alone will have all those romantic feelings stir inside you in a way you have never experienced before). He knows exactly what to say to his wife. He knows how to be an incredible father to his three children. He’s romantic (really romantic — just watch episode 14 and you’ll agree with me). He’s selfless. He has a way with words. He has flaws in judgment. He’s human.

In short, he’s the perfect man we all see in our dreams and hope to marry in the future.

THIS IS US — “The Game Plan” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

I have a feeling that American society has concluded that finding a man like Jack is too good to be true. But it isn’t. We just need to search a little harder. We need to reject the Millennial way of thinking that dating all occurs over a texts or Snapchat. We need to stop looking for the man we can post to our Instagram accounts in order to become “Instagram official,” which, if you ask me, is the most ridiculous way to announce you’re in a relationship. Who cares who you’re holding hands with in a photo? I could post the same picture, in the exact same pose with my best guy friend, and everyone will think we’re going to be married tomorrow. Not the correct way to go about life.

We all need to start being a little old school when it comes to dating. Find your own Jack.

Find a man who will romance you. Find a man who will look at you like you’re the most amazing woman in the world, even if you’re in your favorite pair of sweats and your hair is in a messy bun at one in the morning. Find a man who will be selfless in his actions and cater to your every need, even when you think you don’t need any help.

Find a man whose words will be as sweet as the day you met him. Find a man that will continue to date you even after you marry him. Find a man that will give you all the love you ever deserve in the world. Find a man who can admit that he has flaws and wants you there by your side to help him through them.

Find a man who will become your better half and make you a better woman.

Until I find my own Jack Pearson, I will just have to watch Milo Ventimiglia portray him on my television screen with a box of tissues and pray for a man like him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Adrianna Freedman is a current senior at Yeshiva University.

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