10 Signs You’re A Woman In A Male Dominated Industry

The Newsroom
The Newsroom

1. You have become almost too comfortable in male company – almost forgetting how to act around other women.

2. You’re usually one of the only girls at happy hour and have to talk about sports and other male interests in order to not be that one person awkwardly not talking to anyone.

3. You feel like you and Erin Andrews would be besties.

4. You try and perfect your golf game so you can maybe be included in the company golf outing next year – maybe.

5. You have to convince your boyfriend that your coworker friendships are strictly just friendships – and that you honestly have no other choice due to the lack of other females.

6. Don’t expect to talk about any celebrity gossip around the office – Kimye got married over the weekend? Ummm okay?

7. You envy the groups of women walking into Starbucks together to take a coffee break.

8. And then you watch your fellow coworkers check out those groups of women in Starbucks – um hey guys I’m cute too!

9. ALL of your friends are constantly trying to get you to set them up with “someone cute from the office” – girls come on, I’m trying to fit in, not be the company matchmaker.

10. But you know deep down that you’ll learn a lot from working in this industry and it will only benefit you in the future. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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