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You Left A Mark On Me

hand holding flower

And every time I do reach out
All I leave are just more smudges.
But it makes sense, I suppose:
It’s hard to forget people
When they simply touch your heart
And you-
Played. Danced. Then left a hundred tattoos.
Do I really even have a chance?

You Don’t Need Closure To Move On

girl alone

By all means, pursue that closure if you’re the type that needs to check off all the boxes – but please, please, don’t hold yourself hostage thinking there’s no other way. Life’s too short for that and you don’t want to find that all the oceans in this beautiful universe passed you by while you stared at the mountain.

Her Heart Full Of Scars

a womans scars

They’d warned her it would be hard
She’d get bruised and wounded and it’d hurt all over,
But that it’d all be worth it in the end.

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