10 Thoughts Every Single Girl Has The Morning After A One Night Stand

Ines Perkovic

1. “What the hell was his name? Maybe I could just call him ‘Baby’. Eek. No.”

2. “Why I am not home. Who is this guy. Where AM I?”

3. “Oh my god these sheets are so filthy!!!!”

4. “I’ll check my battery. 10%. Oh shit.”

5. “Why did I sleep with someone with a tattoo on their face?”

6. “Water. Oh my god. Water.”

7. “There’s a condom on the floor. Phew.”

8. “And what did you say your name was…?”

9. “I wonder how big he has it. Maybe I should wake him with a blowjob.”

10. *Struggling not to fart* Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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