The People Who Spread A Little Magic In Our Lives And Change Everything Forever

Our lives revolve around people. People we love, the ones we care about, those who matter — people without whom our lives seems incomplete. And at times, we let people pervade our thoughts, people who hurt us or the ones we hurt, the ones we thought would stay but didn’t, and the ones we thought we’d never leave but did.

And then we have transitory thoughts about another category of people, and this is an ode to them — the ones who spread magic in our lives.

The ironical part about people is that we were content when they entered our lives. Once they became a part of it, we thought they were just another one of the million pieces of our heart scattered across the space, slowly wrapping a ribbon around something that was so confused. They don’t ask for anything and they give nothing in return — except for making us deliriously happy.

These people vivify our approach toward life. They paint our lives in their favorite colors, and yet all that we are able to see in front of us is our favorite hues splashed on the easel of our dreams. They ask us questions we never thought about, and they compel us to ponder over aspects of ourselves that we never feel the need to question. We don’t seem to mind their imperfection, for they make us realize that beauty lies in the mystery of deciphering that imperfection and writing our favorite story.

They are one of the most special chapters of the many special chapters of the book we’ve been writing. Their mystical entrance into our life is masked by events that can easily be missed out by the monotony we are well acquainted with. And while we forget everything that happened on that day they walked in, the only thing we remember is the shimmery lights with which they lit up our lives on the days that followed.

They teach us that not everything is perfect. Every ending is not going to be like that in our favorite book, which momentarily takes us to different places. They don’t sweep us off your feet and make big promises. They don’t twirl a magic wand and change our lives one fine day. But they do make us believe that life is a robust mix of bittersweet moments worth cherishing.

We don’t know why, but very often these people who spread nothing else but happiness and laughter in our lives slowly fade away. Sometimes they leave, and sometimes we leave them. But their brief presence gives us hope to trace unknown paths and think of words for an untold story.

To the people who spread magic in our lives – sometimes even they never realize what they are worth. They are never forgotten even if they forget the things we remember. They teach us a valuable lesson — that we never really have to let go but just need to loosen our grip and keep trudging along sometimes.

To the people who don’t realize how they spread magic — the world will always be beautiful place to explore because of people like them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Khánh Hmoong

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