I Really Hope You Keep Your Promise

man and woman closing eyes while smiling
S A R A H ✗ S H A R P / Unsplash

I wasn’t looking for you. I just happened to stumble upon your brown eyes and kind smile.

It felt so easy, walking up and talking to you. For once, I wasn’t wracked with nerves. You had a nice laugh. Warm and inviting.

You were cute. We flirted. I was amazed that for once someone I was interested in was also interested in me.

We kept it casual, never talking about the possibilities. I was just passing through. We lived on opposite coasts.

But we went out for a drink and food. We went to the movies because there wasn’t much else to do on the island.

You put your arm around my shoulder; I swear that was the first time you touched me. I felt like a teenager again. I could tell you were nervous; I felt your heart beating against my back.

I swear that was the longest movie. What I really wanted to do was grab you by the collar and kiss you. I know you wanted the same. But you were patient and settled for holding my hand.

We got back to your car as quick as possible. For a minute we just stared at each other as the seats were warming. And then you finally did it. You kissed me.

We made out in your car like horny teenagers. And then you abruptly stopped and put the car in gear and pulled out. There were still people pouring out of the theater. Too many eyes.

You took me back. I still remember the country song playing on the radio. It fit perfectly. I didn’t want the night to end. Ever.

I miss you. The man who made me feel like a girl again. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, but you said we’d see each other again one day. You told me not to worry. It’s only been a day since I’ve seen you. It’s only been a few hours since you called me, but I still miss you.

You said we’d see each other again someday, and I really hope you keep your promise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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