Stop Searching For Love, Your Life Is Already All Around You

woman in blue chambray jacket lying on green grass
Wes Hicks / Unsplash

Too often, we are searching for a love that doesn’t exist. A second half of ourselves that we hope will complete the puzzle of our happiness. But the problem is that too often, people let life pass them by while they search for the fairytale ending our bedtime stories told us about.

I’ve watched people fall into a love that’s toxic. Or settle into a relationship where the pieces just don’t fit together quite right. I’ve seen people scream blaming everyone for their unhappiness. I’ve seen people break down because their heart was shattered by a person that didn’t deserve them. I’ve seen people sabotage relationships because they were scared that it might be the real thing; it wasn’t.

Too often people are concerned about how everyone else seems to have found their person. They’re so afraid of experiencing this life alone that they settle.

If only they would take a step back and look outside, they’d see that there’s an entire world to explore. There are mountains and seas, skies that fade into an endless galaxy.

Don’t just settle for the picket fence and barrel of babies. Live a life of adventure and self-exploration. See everything this amazing world has to offer. Trek through redwood forests and kayak through the Amazon. Go see the northern lights and drink hot cocoa in Antarctica.

You don’t need another person for you to begin your life. You are a whole person with dreams of your own. And if you happen to stumble upon another person with the same love for the world and adventure, then maybe you won’t travel the world alone but until then, be content with your life.

So stop worrying about everyone else. Stop searching for love. Just live life the best you can and one day you will stumble upon another person who sees the world with the same vulnerability and curiosity. And until then just look out your window and appreciate how lucky you are to be a part of a world of wonders. TC mark

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