Seinfeld’s 10 Greatest Episodes

It was recently announced that the ultimate 90’s sitcom (don’t come for me, Friends) will finally be making it’s way to digital streaming exclusively on Hulu. Yada, yada, yada… here’s the best 10 episodes of the entire series.

  1. The Marine Biologist – George starts dating a woman who was told that he was a marine biologist by Jerry. Meanwhile Kramer decides to go golding on the beach (it’s one giant sand trap, apparently) and Elena’s electronic organizer injuries a pedestrian.
  2. The Junior Mint – The gang goes to observe an operation that Elaine’s boyfriend is undergoing and in the process drop a single Junior Mint into his body. Believing they may have killed the guy, George decides to quickly invest a bunch of his money into the boyfriend’s artwork since art is worth so much more after the artist’s death.
  3. The Subway – George, Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine each need to take the subway one separate errands on the same day at the same time. Along the way each of them is either thrust into a bizarre situation or creates a huge problem for themselves.
  4. The Bizarro Jerry – Elaine meets a new gang of friends who physically resemble Jerry, George, and Kramer but act exactly the opposite in their day-to-day lives and interactions. Meanwhile Jerry starts dating a woman who he has strong feelings for before realizing she has “man hands,” Kramer starts working at a firm without being hired or receiving a paycheck, and George tries to use a picture of an attractive woman to parlay his way into dating other attractive women.
  5. The Limo – After his car breaks down on the trip there, George meets Jerry at the airport. They decide to take a limo ride back to the city that they assume is otherwise going unused. The driver tells them they’ll be going to Madison Square Garden, for what they assume to be a basketball game. They’re then joined by a couple of bodyguards and realize that this case of mistaken identity may not be what they ordered.
  6. The Parking Garage – The gang gets stuck in a parking garage after they forget where they parked the car. Each of their time-sensitive needs leads them to further and further depraved behavior as they grow more and more desperate to simply leave.
  7. The Yada Yada – George starts dating a girl who introduces a new phrase to the gang: the time-saving “yada, yada, yada.” Meanwhile Jerry is convinced his dentist has converted to Judaism mainly for the ability to make anti-semitic jokes. This leads Kramer to label Jerry an “anti-Dentite.” Elaine is asked to be a character witness for a couple of friends trying to adopt a baby but in the process of trying to help she makes things much, much worse for them.
  8. The Contest – George’s mother catching him masturbating and this leads the gang to attempt a contest where they’ll see who can forgo pleasuring themselves the longest. Each of them squirm under the temptation and start to become psychologically undone.
  9. The Merv Griffin Show – Kramer stumbles upon the old set for The Merv Griffin Show and reconstructs it in his apartment. He proceeds to host a non-stop talk show instead of living his normal daily life, making every person who drop by to see him a “guest” on the show. George accidentally kills a pigeon with his car, upsetting a girl he has been dating. When he hits a squirrel she forces him to take it home and oversee it’s recovery. Jerry dates a girl with an amazing stockpile of toys from his childhood that she won’t let him touch… so naturally he starts feeding her sleeping pills and playing with them while she’s unconscious. Elaine is being followed at work by a very, very annoying guy.
  10. The Chinese Restaurant – In an episode that takes place in real time, the gang becomes trapped while waiting for a table at a Chinese restaurant after they’re told the wait will be “5-10 minutes.” They see people being seated before them and interact with the other customers growing increasingly self-centered and frustrated. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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