9 Of Mariah Carey’s Craziest Moments Ever

  1. The Cribs Episode – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98KH9GzgmIM

The Elusive Chanteuse herself changes outfits about 15 times over the course of this insane tour of her private eccentricities before ending up next to nude for MTV’s camera crew anyway. There are no works to express how insane this episode of Cribs was. This was classic reality TV before we ever really had a solid concept of reality TV. A must see.

  1. Her Appearances on HSN – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Am7fOLdZL2s

All of Mariah’s appearances on HSN have been fruitful with batshit crazy moments but this clip in particular is kind of montage of highlights. I have no idea who would buy clothing and jewelry by the queen of tacky butterflies but godspeed, MC. Godspeed.

  1. The TRL Appearance – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KFRdWch9gw

Mariah Carey showed up to TRL with an ice cream cart filled with sugary frozen treats and absolutely no notice. Nobody there knew she was coming or why. She babbled on in next to no clothing about next to nothing before the finally had to cut to commercial. A few days later Mariah went to rehab for “exhaustion.” Starlets everywhere owe her so much for this invention.

  1. Her Tour Rider

Mariah Carey’s rider (a list of demands made by an artist to a venue if they are doing a public appearance) read like a list of things Aladdin would have wished for from the Genie. It reportedly includes:

  • A pink carpet
  • 20 white kittens
  • 100 doves
  • A Rolls-Royce for transportation to and from the venue
  • A pink podium
  • Confetti shaped as butterflies
  • 80 security guards
  • Accommodations for a 15 person entourage
  • White roses
  • A variety of fresh fruit juices, teas, and gourmet food
  • Tea service for 8 brewed only with Poland Spring water
  • A selection of champagnes and wines (naturally)
  1. Her Slimmed Down Christmas Special – https://youtu.be/VkG52D0aJok

Mariah’s weight fluctuations are pretty regular and completely none of our business. What is sort of weird is that for all close-up shots of her during 2010 Christmas special squished for face to be longer and slimmer (I guess, sort of?). The Queen of Christmas should maybe just get comfortable in her absolutely gorgeous appearance at any and all sizes and leave the camera tricks to photoshoots and action movies. Also, she was recently pregnant at the time! Trust the public to not judge your appearance while you simultaneously perform the greatest Christmas songs of all time and gestate two human lives.

  1. Her Bizarre Acceptance Speech at The Palm Springs International Film Festival – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sleaSKmd5Js

A probably drunk Mariah hit that stage like a bullet coated in white wine and delivered what is hands down one of the weirdest acceptance speeches of all time. She had to only be attending the Palm Springs International Film Festival at all simply based on an early tip that if she showed they’d give her the award, right? In any event we can thank god above for giving us this classing slice of Mariah crazy.

  1. Playing a Live Version of “Fantasy” During Childbirth

Mariah admitted to playing a recording of herself performing her hit song “Fantasy” live to a crowd of cheering fans on a loop while giving birth to her twin children. She apparently wanted them to enter the world to the sound of “applause.” That is just… wow. It leaves you to wonder whether she conceived them to her own music as well…

  1. Leaving Obama’s Inauguration

Now, this one is unsubstantiated gossip so take it with a grain of salt… but rumor has it that Mariah left President Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony             – at which she was an honored, featured, and presumably paid performer – after finding out that she wouldn’t be sitting for dinner at the President’s table. Mariah believes that nobody in the room at a presidential inauguration is of higher status or importance to the president of the United States than Mariah Carey. Bless.

  1. Her Costumed Disneyland Vow Renewal

Mariah and her now ex-husband Nick Cannon renewed their vows in a ceremony at California’s Disneyland theme park. Sure, Disneyland is completely amazing… but the idea that Mariah Carey can’t imagine anything more tasteful or enticing than marrying Nick Cannon in a Prince Charming costume at Disneyland while a series of entertainment reporters and Disney staff look on is just delightful. Never change Mariah. Never, ever change. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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