9 Best Forgotten 90’s Jams

  1. “Steal My Sunshine” by Lenhttps://youtu.be/E1fzJ_AYajA

Slip on your jelly shoes and put your hair in a ponytail because time to go for a drive to Blockbuster. On the way let’s jam out to this song. God I love top 40 radio! I should really get this album the next time I’m at Coconuts.

  1. “Zombie” by The Cranberrieshttps://youtu.be/6Ejga4kJUts

Thank god for The Cranberries. I first heard them at the new Starbucks they just built in town and it’s such a breath of fresh caucasian air! My new Birkenstocks look great with this Gap khakis, right?

  1. “Two Princes” by Spin Doctorshttps://youtu.be/wsdy_rct6uo

Could you bring some Zima over tonight when you stop by to watch Friends and Seinfeld with us later? I can’t wait to see if Ross and Rachel will ever make it work. You’re going to love these chairs I got… THEY’RE INFLATABLE.

  1. “Butterfly” by Crazy Townhttps://youtu.be/9hYNjn1gohM

I’m so glad they got an actual DJ for this school dance. Usually it’s just a shitty mix tape they made from the radio. I hope they have this song on CD, but if not I’m gonna bring the copy my brother got for his birthday and maybe the DJ can just borrow it?

  1. “As I Lay Me Down” by Sophie B. Hawkinshttps://youtu.be/-EjpKoMy6Bs

Ugh, it seems like no amount of Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus will get me out of this funk. Let me get my Walkman and got for a stroll around the block to clear my head.

  1. “Truly Madly Deeply” by Savage Gardenhttps://youtu.be/WQnAxOQxQIU

Savage Garden is like the new Beatles, there… I said it. I always listen to this song as a cool down after my Tae Bo tapes. A sing along to this while I take a shower with my favorite bottle of Herbal Essences is all I think I’ll ever need to relax.

  1. “Criminal” by Fiona Applehttps://youtu.be/FFOzayDpWoI

Everyone says Fiona Apple is too skinny but that’s insane. That’s like saying anyone would ever find Alicia Silverstone’s large breasts and pleasantly plump ass in Batman & Robin attractive! Everybody should be as thin as Calista Flockhart by any means necessary.

  1. “Never Ever” by All Saintshttps://youtu.be/nPXqkjpXZ_k

I love the Spice Girls but they don’t put out enough material! This will do. I also totally ripped off the lyrics to this for our slam poetry assignment as school and nobody even, like, noticed, like.

  1. “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)” by En Voguehttps://youtu.be/Xpugp6DIb3I

What’s great about En Vogue is that they’re pseudo-retro while still being completely conventionally attractive and non-threatening. This is the perfect track to lip-sync along with on a road trip. Actually, this whole cassette is! Can you pass me those Bugles and the box of Tastetations? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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