Even Lena Dunham’s Name Is Offensive


Lena Dunham, the first person who has ever had the audacity to be born to artists and also make films and television, is a constantly offensive person. From her decision to wear dresses she likes over dresses recommended by stylists, to her suggestion that people learn to be comfortable with the way a normal female body looks, she is a constant topic of discussion across the internet. What hasn’t been discussed is how truly offensive her name is.

Lena’s television show, like most television shows launched in 2012, was comprised of mostly young white people living in a city. For this crime we know she, and not the casting department or the executives at her network and studio, deserves all the blame because there was a poll on Jezebel one time. Which bring me to the first offensive thing about her name: it starts with the letter “L.” Doesn’t Lena know that “L” is a letter used by the Libyan people? Doesn’t she know what they’ve been through? To appropriate and casually adorn herself with such a cultural artifact is not only shockingly ignorant, it’s also quite self involved.

“L” is also similar to the Hebrew symbol “Lamedh.” Which means she’s anti-semitic, which you can be even if you’re culturally and religiously Jewish and haven’t said anything derogatory or self-hating about the Jewish people or faith, FYI.

Also, how about that last name? “Dunham” sounds suspiciously like “done ‘em” which in some circles and with the correct tone would imply sexual intercouse. Does Lena Dunham know that young girls look up to her? Is she intending to promote underage sex? I think so. After all her memoir, Not That Kind of Girl, does contain a story about her altering her parents that her toddler sister was inadvertently doing a dangerous thing to her genetalia. So she’s obviously a pedophile.

Dunham also contains the word “ham.” Ham is just pigs. I thought Jewish people were kosher, Lena? I guess that was a lie to. Another smokescreen from the girl who’s anti-hero television character once said, in a moment of farce, “I think I might be the voice of my generation. Or, at least, a generation.” Not my generation. My generation doesn’t lie or write jokes that are meant to highlight a character’s flaws in contrast to likability.

Are you calling all white women “hams,” Lena? Stereotyping again, I see.

Do we even know her middle name? It’s probably Joseph Kony. And what’s with her dumb face? Exactly. Lena Dunham is really problematic.

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