Filmmaker Eugene Kotlyarenko Is Bright, Driven, Outrageous



Eugene Kotlyarenko is the director of three films: Zeros and Ones, Skydiver, and Feast of Burden.

Zeros and Ones (2011) is a feature length film which plays out through the interface of a computer browser. A pre-Girls Lena Dunham blurbed it: “Smartly made and completely funny! Does a tremendous job of capturing the hysteria of social media.” The New York Times characterized it as “the ultimate has-to-be-seen-more-than-once movie.” Sam Dean, on this site, compared it to Ulysses.

Skydiver (2010) tells the story of a romantically spurned young man who becomes involved with a right wing domestic terrorist cell, through a series of video chats with what appear to be real life acquaintances. It premiered online as a series of vimeo embeds through the internet art gallery JstChillin’.

Feast of Burden (2012) is a web-series recently released through the Museum of Contemporary Art’s YouTube channel — MOCAtv.

The interview, here presented in its entirety, was conducted over Thai food in Los Angeles, CA, in late November of 2012. It was transcribed by Evan Hatch, and edited lightly for readability.

This interview was originally published in American Intrigue, a .pdf of the arts, available for download here.


-Adam Humphreys

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